Stay Ready

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Stay Ready is the colorwork tee so nice I knit it twice! ‚úĆūüŹľ

I found myself wearing my first Stay Ready tee (shown below right) so much that I knit up a second one (below left) just 4 months later!

I mostly knit them both to-pattern except for the finishing on the sleeves and neck- where I opted for a i-cord BO in lieu of the ribbed edging.

I also may have been knitting past my bedtime when I knit my first one, because I accidentally left out a few rounds in the texture portions- which is why the Douglas (green) version looks a bit shorter than my Rye Whiskey (copper) version. ūüôą

Whether you make any "Special design features" ūüėā to your Stay Ready tee or not- This tee is so wearable, I'm sure you'll find yourself reaching for it quite often.

Sizing, Yarn, & Yardage Information

Sizes: 1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) 8 

Finished Body Circumference: 32 (37.3, 42.6, 48, 53.3, 58.6, 64) 69.3‚ÄĚ

MC = Sugarplum Circus BFL DK: 246 yards/100g 

Approximately 420 (494, 574, 657, 746, 820, 940) 1102 yards

2 (3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4) 5 skeins

CC = Spincycle Yarns Dream State: 150 yards/55g

Approximately 150 (178, 205, 234, 265, 292, 334) 392 yards

Shown on Annie (above) in Sugarplum Circus BFL DK in Moon with Spincycle Dream State in Stay Ready.

Shown on Jensen (below left) in Sugarplum Circus BFL DK in Rye Whiskey with Spincycle Dream State in Deep Bump.

Shown on Jensen (below right) in Sugarplum Circus BFL 4-ply (held double) in Douglas with Spincycle Dream State in Verba Volant.

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